Acupuncture and Massage Therapist

in Portland, Oregon

Acupuncture and Massage Therapist

in Portland, Oregon

Marissa Hanthorn, MSOM, LAc, LMT

Marissa Hanthorn is a Nationally Certified Diplomate of Acupuncture through the NCCAOM and a licensed massage therapist. She graduated with her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine, where she also received her massage education. She is currently finishing her final year of medical school at NUNM to become a naturopathic doctor. Studies of Chinese herbal medicine and qigong in China has provided a deeper perspective of this traditional medicine that is essential to her practice in the healing arts.

Gentle healing modalities are central to Marissa’s practice, which provides a fusion of gentle Japanese-style acupuncture with her unique style of biodynamic massage. This kind of bodywork uses gentle cranialsacral and myofascial work to listen deeper into the body and guide the deep tissue therapy. She is regularly amazed by how much insight the body holds within the various systems and layers of tissue, and continues to learn from her patients. Marissa also uses homeopathy, nutrition, nature cure, Chinese herbal medicine, and other methods of Chinese medicine to help her patients regain health and comfort through their own innate vital forces.

Methods of Practice I Incorporate

Biodynamic Massage

This style of bodywork combines Swedish and deep tissue massage with cranialsacral therapy, in which the practitioner listens deeply to the guidance of the patient’s body to lead the session. Focus begins at the superficial fascial layer, and gently increases in pressure to reach deep layers in the muscle and fascia to break up knots and uncomfortable adhesions. In addition to structural relief, this relaxing massage can improve sleep quality, decrease anxiety, and increase your overall sense of well-being.

Cranialsacral Therapy

Cranialsacral is a holistic and gentle bodywork that engages the nervous system and supporting structures such as the sacrum and bones of the skull to create an environment that supports the body’s ability to self-correct. It can help with many things, including back and neck pain, migraines, stress relief, pre- and post-surgery support, sore or strained muscles, recovery from auto accidents, swelling, pre- and post-child birth, endocrine support, ear and jaw pain, cancer recovery, and much more.


Cupping has been used globally for thousands of years, and can help treat back and neck pain, shoulder pain, stiff muscles, acute sprains, arthritis, colds, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and many other ailments. The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourages blood flow, alleviate stagnation, reduce pain, and sedate the nervous system. Cupping draws Qi, blood, and fluid to the surface where they can be dispersed with massage to relieve pain and provide deep relaxation. 

Two Convenient Practice Locations

Some Kind Words From You…

“I highly recommend Marissa for many reasons. She is a great therapist, friendly and makes scheduling very easy. I’ve been to many therapists but Marissa is especially knowledgeable about the body and massage techniques and makes you feel comfortable.” Mary D.

“I recently had a massage with Marissa and it was excellent! Her amount of pressure varied as needed for the tightness and tenderness of the muscle group she was working on at the time. I highly recommend Marissa if you are looking for a knowledgeable LMT!!!” Todd H.

“Marissa is a GREAT massage therapist! I have been to many other massage places and she is most definitely the best. Her deep tissue massage is thorough and super helpful with my sore back and shoulder pains. I can’t recommend her enough.” Lisa K.

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